Hieratic Script


Those with the warrior's heart and the courage to take unto themselves the mantle of عh'aw is welcome to enroll in the عh'a Kemet Martial Combat training course.

Distance training for عh'a Kemet is $65 a year, and includes:

  • Access to the Per Ankh Library, including special access to the عh'a Kemet section for training documents http://djeba.org/per-ankh
  • Eligibility for live Tjasam (training) sessions

  • Enrollment is also available at the Djeba Marketplace

    I have given to thee might and victory against all countries,
    I have set thy fame the fear of thee in all lands.
    Thy terror as far as the four pillars of heaven;
    ...I have magnified the dread of thee in all bodies,
    I have put the roaring of they majesty among the Nine Bows.
    The chiefs of all countries are gathered in they grasp,
    I myself have stretched out my two hands,
    I have bound them for thee.
    I have bound together the Nubian Troglodytes by tens of thousands and thousands,
    The Northerners by the hundreds of thousands as captives.
    I have felled thine enemies beneath thy sandals,
    Thou has smitten the hordes of rebels according as I commanded thee.
    The earth in its length and breadth, Westerners and Easterners are subject to thee,
    Thou tramplest all countries, thy heart glad;
    None presents himself before thy majesty,
    While I am thy leader, so thou mayest reach them.
    - Hymn of Victory, temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak

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